bbb architects Ottawa inc. | Ottawa Light Rail Transit Confederation Line

Ottawa Light Rail Transit Confederation Line

Location:   Ottawa, Ontario

Client:        City of Ottawa

Size:            13 stations, of which bbb carried 10

bbb have been fortunate enough to lead the architectural design for both the Confederation Phase 1 and Trillium Line of the Ottawa Light Rail Transit system., working directly with both the City of Ottawa as the Client, and OC Transpo as the operator. On Confederation Line, bbb led design for all the above grade stations (10 of the 13 total stations). For the entire LRT system, bbb designed the stations through the principles of pedestrian safety, universal access and intuitive design throughout both the public realm and service areas. Additionally, rigorous reviews of CPTED principles, microclimate analysis and accessibility assessments informed and enhanced the designs throughout entire design process.

One of the most important aspects of the station design was their fundamental requirement to be entirely intuitive. The stations should have an architecture that is identifiable across the entire system – a sort of “kit of parts” that holds a commonality. The angular roofs, the red lollipop signage, the finishes, and even how the stations are navigated all became pieces in solving the puzzle. The result is a truly fluid and dynamic movement through the stations – from train to platform to concourse to street.